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How to embellish your home with micro spot lighting fixtures

How to embellish your exterior with micro spot lighting fixtures


Nowadays, there are infinitive ways to make your exteriors look luxurious and well illuminated.

For example,  you can use small size recessed luminaire in soft LED  by SIMES for signal applications or in accent mode for more striking effects.

You can install these lighting fixtures in pedestrian areas such as pathways, squares, parks, general walking areas, pools, and wellness.

Its characteristics allows the fixture to completely disappear in the architecture leaving only the light effect in full view and highlighting a complete project.

Ground recessed

To demonstrate, you can install them into the ground flush to the surface projecting the light upwards.

They can light up paths or utilized signal lighting through a pedestrian area indicating eventual obstacles.

However, if installed next to walls or textured surfaces they can highlight the material finish by creating emotional contrasts and impact through grazing effects.



Wall recessed

As well, you can use this type of lighting fixtures in the lower end of a wall so to create signal lighting effects and illuminate walking areas, paths or even stairs.

The light distribution will be horizontal but also the light you can direct it only where needed and avoid unnecessary dispersion or glare.



Also, you can easily embellish a living space by creating soft ambient lighting effects or highlighting certain areas or objects of significant importance in a specific context.

This type of lighting fixture is particularly suitable in outdoor- indoor areas such as swimming pools, spas, and wellness spaces.



As you can see, with this type of lighting fixtures you can generate modern spaces that will make your home more elegant and illuminated.

You can find a different kind of lighting fixtures and characteristics in ArchiProducts


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