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Sustainable plumbing Fixtures

Costa Rica is well known as an ecological country, not only for its breathtaking natural wonders.

But also, by the existing construction regulations, which allow being a sustainable country.

As equal, we believe that a building project should have the least possible environmental impact and also keeping the design aesthetics.

Sustainably plumbing Fixture

That’s why in Sarco Architects we use different types of eco-friendly fixtures that have been released in the past years.

For example, for our bathrooms designs, we often incorporate sustainable plumbing fixtures that help with water conservation.

And also, sophisticated and high-style in it’s modern aesthetic, as well as sustainable, too.

Such as this shower head, which has flow regulations that contribute to lower consumption of water and energy resources.

Compared with conventional shower technology, the impression is that of an even greater volume of water, enhancing user comfort.

Making for an equally luxurious experience that doesn’t wastewater in the process.

Reducing water consumption with sustainable plumbing fixtures

Every year, there are so many new technologies created to save you a bundle on water costs without compromising bath time experience.

The Paloma single hole bathroom faucet, designed by VIGO is one of this fixture that combines reduced water consumption with modern design.

His single-handle faucet features elegant curves that encourage water to gently cascade out of the spout.

And, at the same time, its low-flow faucet reduces water use by 30 percent.

The flow rate of this sustainable fixture is only 1.2 gallons per minute, which is lower than the common faucets use.

About the design

It comes in matte black, which is elegant and timeless, and it has become a new design trend for this year.

As well, another feature is the 7-layer coat plated finish that resists rust, corrosion, and tarnish.

Another important fact, using single lever water and temperature control reduces the waste of water.

For a truly eco-luxe bathroom, think beyond saving water by opting for another type of system that can improve your carbon footprint.

You can also, read more about how we perform energy analysis in projects that allow fine-tuning the designs to provide the best possible energy efficiency.

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