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Costa Rica Luxury Property Interest by UK Citizens Skyrockets

As we begin a new year, 2021 can only show us a brighter future on the horizon and make us forget 2020; and this comes with a marked increase in Costa Rica luxury property interest by UK Wealthy Individuals.

2021 begins with the post-Brexit UK, where British citizens are looking abroad for options on property ownership. Nowadays, options outside Europe have become more appealing, and high-net-worth individuals are snapping up property opportunities and building their future safety sanctuaries in warmer, more relaxed, tropical paradise locations.

COVID Pandemic has brought new priorities

The current world conditions under the COVID pandemic evolution have made many re-evaluate personal priorities and push forward plans for owning property abroad.  A safe haven for their current and future generations, in a place that is away from the hustle of large, dense cities.  Somewhere they can relax and re-energize in connection with nature, wildlife, and truly awe-inspiring sunsets.

Costa Rica offers all of this to all international customers, however, United Kingdom citizens currently have a distinct advantage due to the GBP vs. USD exchange rate.  Right now, this provides British nationals with a 30% buying power advantage.  Property and in Costa Rica mainly sells in US Dollars.  New construction is also paid usually in US Dollars. Right now, their British pounds buy them 30% more, and the idea of Luxury Property ownership becomes 30% more affordable.

Different location options and working from paradise

Residential resorts that offer beauty, security, conveniences, and features have become the new target for international customers seeking a new future for their families.  The current change in the way we work has also shown that many can work effectively from home.  This also means that they can work from anywhere.  So many have already asked themselves, “Why not work from a tropical paradise location?”

High-net-worth individuals have recently significantly increased their interest in owning property in Costa Rica luxury property. Resorts such as Peninsula Papagayo, Reserva Conchal, and some places in Tamarindo have become the focus of people wanting to make Costa Rica their new home. People are purchasing existing property as well as estate lots to build their own bespoke luxury homes.

Costa Rica Luxury Property

Costa Rica luxury property is in a hot market

Since the country fully re-opened to international travel in late 2019, Luxury Resort sales have dramatically increased.  Families are moving forward with property purchase quicker, more decisively.  And many are bringing in their friends as well, telling them about the fantastic places they find in Costa Rica and how they feel renewed and safe in an area that is warm, open, and where they can extraordinarily connect with nature.

Working with International Clients – creating unique Costa Rica Luxury Property for over 15 years

This is where SARCO Architects Costa Rica comes in to provide international clients with the best option in a single-source full-service solution for the entire design and construction services needed to create their bespoke tropical modern homes in Costa Rica.

SARCO Architects Costa Rica is the country’s only multiple award-winning Design-Build firm in the country. We specialize in helping exclusive international clients design and build their luxury residences in Costa Rica while being thousands of miles away.  Our full array of design services encompasses the best in architectural design, interior architecture, architectural lighting design, and construction management to provide our international clients with unsurpassed peace of mind during the entire project.  Our results speak for themselves.

Additionally, SARCO Architects Costa Rica has been recently named “Best Boutique Architecture Firm – Costa Rica 2021” by Lux Life Magazine.

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  1. Andres /Reply

    Thanks! Good tip for current and future Costa Rica luxury homeowners from the UK on the buying power advantage due to the GBP vs. USD exchange rate.

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