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With both mountain and water vistas in addition to rainforest, Costa Rica is perfect for the multi-national family or the international traveller. Pura Vida is how locals and visitors alike describe the lifestyle: Relaxed, easy, watching the sun set. The ultimate destination of complete tranquility — we call it Tranquilo — is reachable. The vehicle over the rugged terrain of obstacles and busy life is Costa Rica. 

But it’s a vehicle that is disappearing; the market is on the rise, the best properties are being snatched up. 

Not only that, but building in Costa Rica is fraught with difficulties if you don’t know the topography or who to trust. Secure your own corner of paradise before this opportunity evaporates. 


Book your 45-minute personal call with our Firm Principal, Roderick Anderson.  Ask any questions about our process, and the best way to get your project off along the right path.

Remember the time you didn’t take the wheel and should have because in the end you lost out? “Should have, would have, could have.” Tragedia.

Our client Conrad A. knew to how to avoid tragedia. He grew up in New York City but his mother was from the Phillipines and his father from Austria. As Conrad puts it, when they visited Costa Rica 15 years ago, “we immediately fell in love” with the land. 

When he was younger, it was fine to rotate destinations because he and his parents could easily travel together. But now he has a family of his own. His parents heard of Roderick and knew he was trustworthy. He offered good design, knows the lay of the land –– the family were considering cliffs at land’s end overlooking the ocean. But they could not visit often, were not “on the ground.” Yet they’d heard you need to live in Costa Rica for a year, learn who the right builders and consultants are. What Roderick offered was all of that knowledge. They still wondered, what would what they find when they arrived at the end of the process, even with someone as trustworthy as Roderick, and would it match their dreams?

Finally, desperate for Tranquilo, they summoned the courage and the daring to purchase the cliffside property, to pursue their dream of creating a family oasis. They met with Roderick.

We are designing and building multi-million dollar homes for our clients and we look after their interests. We don’t ‘haggle’ because haggling of clients with architects and builders is part of what has given the region a bad rap. Builders try to get more, so they shave off features that later get added back for a premium

Roderick Anderson

CEO & Design Director

With Roderick, you get exactly what is promised. You are talking to an expert that does excellent work himself, directly, and not a realtor whose only agenda is being able to sell you a property and make a commission. He will appear as very knowledgeable, and that is his purpose because, as Roderick says, “Our agenda is your agenda.”

Roderick has also built a system for working with international clients. It is based on project management systems accessible from all over the world and on BIM, a computerized building modeling that lets you see exactly what you will get. 

Now Conrad and his family have an incredible home, Casa Magayon, in beauty, views, and high-end living well beyond anything they could have imagined yet very much what they hoped for. The process of getting there was very smooth, never intrusive. Roderick designed the home and acted as their trusted representative throughout the process.

You see, with the right experts, you can have an experience that is “worlds away” from any other, both as a resident and as an investor who has secured trustworthy and dependable experts who know its unique environment.

Now is the time. Costa Rica is popular and getting more popular. If you haven’t staked your claim in paradise, award-winning native-born architect Roderick Anderson is offering you the keys.

But you have to have the courage, the foresight and the savvy to press the button. Roderick is only the guide, he will hand you the roadmap, the resources, the ability to have all that you could want in Costa Rica.


We initially worried about building our dream house in a developing country over 2,000 miles away from NY. But after having worked with Roderick and his team we can wholeheartedly say that Sarco has certainly turned our dreams into reality. Roderick has mastered every challenge and delivered a first-class home that fulfills and even surpasses our highest expectations.​​​​

M. Koch

New York, NY


Book your 45-minute personal call with our Firm Principal, Roderick Anderson.  Ask any questions about our process, and the best way to get your project off along the right path.

This month, Roderick Anderson, our CEO & Design Director at SARCO Architects, is offering a limited number of our “Next Steps Calls” so that you can explore whether Costa Rica is right for you.

On this call, Roderick will provide:

    A high level prospectus of owning property in Costa Rica: the investment environment, the lifestyle of the high end investor may have here, the amenities that come with it.
  2. 2
    Initial guidance on the best locations, including putting you in contact with reputable professionals for your real estate, legal, and consulting needs for the process of purchasing property here.
  3. 3
    Overview of the process of building a project, at a high level; the design process, getting the working plans, costing and bidding, and a very high level expectation of time, budget, and work involved.

Seguridad. You walk away with clarity on what you can have and how the process works, as well as a sense of security that they can do this for you and that it is possible without it being something that is a big deal to manage. Roderick is here to take care of everything. 

You have a connection, you will start by just speaking with Roderick who is the expert, and you are under no obligation to continue with us. 

Why is Roderick doing this?

Just as in any international country, there are positives and there are negatives. As Roderick says: “You can end up running into less than the best resources, not the most honest. I’m local, I’m Costa Rican and it hurts me to see local people doing wrong things to international investors and giving us a bad name. I want to be the best resource, do the best job, be a friend to my clients so that they only have positive things to say about Costa Rica.”

You get a friendly connection with someone who is not urgently trying to lure you into signing up for something right away, or to do a project right away. Roderick is the longstanding expert who takes care of his clients, takes pride in helping you, and ensures a trouble-free and enjoyable experience if you decide this is what you want to do. He is friendly and is not going to pressure you, because he cares about the relationship more than about securing another project. 

If you later decide to go with us, know that our projects get built. Unlike some firms, we emphasize a viable project over size or budget. This is about your needs, not ours.


The SARCO team did a fabulous job not only managing all the aspects of the design and building phases but doing it while balancing FOUR decision makers for the same house. Their knowledge and experience in building at Peninsula Papagayo really helped avoid costly mistakes and produced a better e​​​​nd result. There is a delicate balance between form and function and SARCO did an excellent job finding the right mix for our tastes and needs. We would recommend them ​​​​to anyone wanting an architect and/or builder to bring their Costa Rican dream to life.​​​​

Thoms Family

Rock Island, IL

Conrad A. shared that his family found they could easily work with someone thousands of miles away and that when they got here, walking through the house validated their trust in Roderick: “It wasn’t a real surprise, we expected everything because of Roderick’s SARCO System and everything was right.” 

We don’t sweet talk you or make false promises. We are very, very accustomed to international clients and have a customised web-based communication portal. We are 100% dedicated to our clients and use BIM to make sure you know exactly what you will get. Be at ease in Costa Rica. This is Pura Vida


Book your 45-minute personal call with our Firm Principal, Roderick Anderson.  Ask any questions about our process, and the best way to get your project off along the right path.

What our clients say about SARCO ARCHITECTS COSTA RICA



Roderick is a rare combination of a true artist with the capabilities of an engineer and manager. The whole process of building the house was a pleasure, we loved the client/architect collaboration and it was as smooth a process as it could be. Roderick’s use of technology from the design and computer modeling to the progress report and billing is world class (way better than what our architect and builder in NY is using)! During the whole project we may have visited Papagayo 5 or 6 times but always felt that we had a good sense of all aspects of project status

R. Adolf

New York, NY



From the onset of our introduction, I experienced a high level of professionalism and expertise, which along with a prestigious resume and reviews strongly influenced my decision to contract Sarco Architects. Though I remained guarded at first due to my past negative experience, my decision was correct and on point as the outcome was absolutely beautiful. What impressed me the most about Sarco’s style is their ingenuity and creative artistic ability to convey the vision and goals we aspired, while preserving and highlighting the natural landscape of the surrounding environment.
If you are looking for an honest, professional and highly skilled architectural firm, and you are currently in the process of doing your research, you need look no further. Let me spare you the painstaking time and effort my staff and I experienced before we found Sarco Architects. The firm offers a highly skilled team of people and level of technology needed to get the job done. As a very satisfied customer, I will continue to use Sarco for my future development endeavors.

E. Nicholson

New York, NY