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Costa Rica: The Luxury Location for Your Future Safety

When the pandemic first started, several of our clients immediately hopped on planes and headed to the homes we designed and built for them in Costa Rica. They decided moving to their home in Costa Rica during the COVID-19 pandemic would be safer than staying in the United States, Canada, or Europe. Their vacation homes are in the wondrous Peninsula Papagayo Luxury Resort, and due to the situation currently, only a few families are there. They can golf every day with their golf cart and clubs because no one is around. That is luxury social distancing! Our clients are safe at homes such as our recently completed Villa Serena, or Cielo Mar Residence, or Sea La Vie Residence, and Casa Magayon. They have found sanctuary in a secluded paradise.

Don’t you deserve the same?

We don’t want them to feel alone, so we’ve been checking on them – just to make sure our clients are okay and to see if they need help in any way.   

Moving during the Pandemic or Crisis

As our clients did, I imagine you are sitting in your home looking outside and wishing the weather was warm and sunny to help brighten the situation. Perhaps you want to venture outdoors more and experience nature, dreaming of the option to be in a place where you feel safe away from highly populated urban cities.

Now, close your eyes and picture yourself in a tropical paradise. You’re in a dry forest lush with vegetation, a beautiful jungle basking in the warm weather, smelling the balmy sea breeze, surrounded by wildlife. The birds are tweeting in the trees, and you delight in the monkeys swinging from branches. You become one with nature. Moving during the pandemic could be the way you wait out the storm — in a beautiful haven of luxury explicitly designed for you in Costa Rica.

Moving during the pandemic

Why Costa Rica?

Easily accessible by a few-hours flight from the U.S., Costa Rica is an ideal destination for you to escape to. Boarded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the country is overflowing with long coastal beaches, combining rugged cliffs with sandy bays and peninsulas. You could be sitting on your pool deck with your favorite cocktail in hand, facing west, and enjoying the amazing sunset every day.

Even with its laid-back lifestyle, Costa Rica is one of the best countries handling the crisis we are facing today. We are ahead of the curve, keeping the infection levels down to a minimum. 

Language is also not an issue; many Americans and Canadians have already relocated to this tropical paradise. And as a result of tourism, the locals are fluent in English.

At this time, land prices are likely dropping, and it’s probably a good time to secure some exciting opportunities. Now is the time to act — you’re getting better deals today than in the past. 

Moving during the pandemic could be safer than staying. Now’s the time to plan for your future. 

Whether it’s an attack like 9/11 or a virus pandemic, it’s time to plan for your future safety. Let’s make sure not only are you more prepared for the next threat, but you have an ultimate bespoke sanctuary designed to meet all your personal needs and likes.

Costa Rica is a fantastic site for your ultimate sanctuary. We will be your local guide, helping you find the perfect property, working with local realtors we can trust. SARCO Architects Costa Rica is your multiple award-winning full-service solutions to design and build your next place of safety in paradise. Now’s the time to contact us to prepare for your future. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation. Wishing everyone good health as we live through this COVID-19 pandemic together.


Moving during the pandemic

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