Roderick has been a terrific partner from the initial sketch to completion.  The power of having design and execution in one hand became obvious as we walked into the completed home: form and function in perfect symbiosis taking advantage of the sun, the shade, ocean and nature only a local fully appreciates!  Roderick’s use of design and project management technology made the whole process easy and fun!  Thank you for making our dream come true!

Rudy & Mary Ann Adolf· Austria & New York, NY

We initially worried about building our dream house in a developing country over 2,000 miles away from NY. But after having worked with Roderick and his team we can wholeheartedly say that Sarco has certainly turned our dreams into reality. Roderick has mastered every challenge and delivered a first-class home that fulfills and even surpasses our highest expectations.

Michael Koch· New York, NY

We have had a wonderful experience with you and your company designing our home in Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica.  Our greatest challenge was our limited budget, but you did an excellent job of educating us and keeping us on track.

Our greatest Aha moment was in remembering to ask you your opinion on a subject rather than telling you what to do.  You listened to what we wanted and created a beautiful, environmentally responsible, highly functioning design that anyone would be proud to live in and call home!

We would tell any prospective client that you and your team are highly skilled in your profession, use the latest in interactive technology, are friendly, professional, highly approachable, and have the capacity and desire to meet your clients many unimaginable needs.

Dennis & Diana Dees· Santa Barbara, CA

Efficient and synchronous communication between an architect and client is very important, especially during the design phase of a building project. Although I am internationally based, Roderick and his team have managed to ensure effective and consistent forward workflow by utilizing organization tools that facilitate instantaneous updates and dialog on each phase as it takes shape. I am impressed with the SARCO team’s extensive knowledge and intelligent use of communication technology, which truly facilitates an effortless real-time two-way mechanism for management, feedback, and progress of my new build, even while I am traveling abroad.

M DSouza· Dubai, UAE

As a very brief summary of my experience in our project, I can express that I am very pleased with SARCO’s professionalism in customer orientation, design, planning, and execution. The key question of course is – would I recommend my best friends to contract SARCO for their project? And the answer is… Yes, definitely!

Contact data available upon request· Munich, Germany

The SARCO team did a fabulous job not only managing all the aspects of the design and building phases but doing it while balancing FOUR decision makers for the same house. Their knowledge and experience in building at Peninsula Papagayo really helped avoid costly mistakes and produced a better end result. There is a delicate balance between form and function and SARCO did an excellent job finding the right mix for our tastes and needs. We would recommend them to anyone wanting an architect and/or builder to bring their Costa Rican dream to life.

Thoms Family· Rock Island, IL

We were Roderick’s first client in Peninsula Papagayo and are very happy with our outcome! Not only do we love our home, but of course we love the OMG comments when guests arrive. It is absolutely spectacular. We paid more than we expected, but we received more than we expected. Just returned from a 3 week trip and are anxious to go back again!

Bart and Elaine Boyer

Roderick is a master in the use of interactive technology. Designing with the use of leading edge interactive 3D software is a fun family project. Bridging the distance between New York and Costa Rica is a breeze.

Rudy and Mary Ann Adolf· Austria & New York, NY

After working with other architects in Costa Rica, Roderick Anderson at Sarco Architects has been a refreshing change. Roderick and his team of design and construction professionals make the process of building in a foreign country much easier. Sarco Architects’ vast knowledge of not only design, but also construction practices, allowed us to avoid many pitfalls that would have resulted in a less functional design. Sarco Architects is innovative and always seeking out new ideas and building processes to build a more efficient home. Roderick knows exactly what materials and construction practices work well in a tropical climate and strives toward continual improvement.

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The use of 3-D interactive models allows the client to walk through the plans virtually, which is much easier than viewing 2-D blueprints. Project management software is used to keep everyone in the loop on a daily basis so the client knows exactly what progress is being made on a daily basis, enabling the client to provide input as necessary to guide the project. Unlike his competitors, Roderick stays involved in the project and makes himself available to answer any questions that arise. Roderick is trustworthy, passionate about design, and holds everyone to a high standard to get things right. His attention to detail made us feel confident that the job was in good hands from start to finish. We highly recommend Sarco Architects and would definitely use them again.

Gerry and Delada· Canada

We are here for spring break and my parents arrived yesterday from Austria. They are in complete awe of the house, despite the 3 hour tour. We love every minute here, and the excitement hasn’t worn off yet for my wife and sons’ second holiday visit. Congratulations and thanks for the architectural, engineering and construction masterpiece!

Michael Koch· New York, NY

SARCO is one of those firms who possess an integral vision of the project and all of their disciplines. Coordination between the electromechanical and architectural trades is done very effectively in the projects where Mr. Anderson is involved. The latter results in that his projects have excellent results in time, quality and costs.

Ing. Luis Diego Vasquez

I have enjoyed my working relationship with Roderick Anderson because he is not only a very knowledgeable architect and builder but he is a great team player and is very thorough and very honest in his affairs. In our experience working with Roderick with a client at Peninsula Papagayo, we were dealing with our design that was created in English and Roderick and his team were great collaborators in converting it to metric and the building technologies of Costa Rica. Throughout the process, Roderick has been very helpful with scheduling and budgeting and the experience has been seamless. Roderick is a very hard working individual who is self‐motivated and is on top of his game.

James D. McLaughlin AIA· McLaughlin and Associates

Arte en Luz has worked with SARCO for over 15 years, we have seen them grow, and through the years we have seen SARCO always as a Firm that goes well beyond expectations for clients as well as suppliers in this difficult construction market. Working with SARCO we can be sure that any project will always be a guaranteed success. Their level of professionalism and commitment is one more reason that in Arte en Luz we feel very proud to be a part of their projects as lighting suppliers.

Ileana Alfaro

I’ve worked with Roderick on several residential projects at Peninsula Papagayo. His roles have ranged from design architect to architect of record to contractor. On these projects he has produced thorough documents throughout the design and construction documentation process, he has maintained continual communications to keep the client and team up to date on the work, he tracks Owner requested changes and costs, and includes the owner in all decisions impacting design, function and cost in the project. Roderick has been a pleasure to work with.

Bryan Carlson· Bryan Carlson Planning & Land Architecture

As a Lighting Designer in the USA specializing in high end residential work, doing a project in a location so far away (Costa Rica) had me concerned about the proper execution of the details without having the benefit of personally making site visits. In addition, this particular project was one of the first primarily LED lighting installations ever done which added complexity. Roderick proved to be a solid and extremely knowledgeable professional. His notes, observations, suggestions, can-do attitude and documentation were all extraordinary and from the photos I’ve seen, the craftsmanship is first class. His English was excellent and his demeanor professional and helpful. He made my vision a reality. I hope I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with him again!

Gary Novasel· Patdo Light Studio, New York

I’ve had the privilege of working with Roderick for many years. Its with great pleasure that I recommend Roderick as a very talented, passionate, innovative and remarkable arquitect and builder. His work has earned the highest respect and admiration of our company.

Pilar Pozuelo