SARCO Architects is a Costa Rica architectural firm that specializes in serving foreign clients design and build their dream homes in Costa Rica, Panama or the Caribbean. Helping foreign clients for over 12 years has provided us with a clear understanding of how we need to position and provide our service to best serve clients that are not in the location of the project.  We not only focus on the beauty and construction quality but we focus on the experience and customer service that we provide, and effective communication is a key element to make this all happen.

As we served our international clientele, we realised that we needed a better system to work with our clients who are usually not in the country.  As a Costa Rica architectural firm, we needed to use ways to make sure our projects were executed effectively and that we provided our clients with a smooth and pleasurable experience.  This is why a few years ago we invested in setting up a customized platform on web services as the core to our project communication and management.

Costa Rica Architectural Firm using online tools to provide a better client experience

Our platform provides for tools and apps for clients to access from any computer or any smartphone or mobile device.  Our clients stay in the loop and can comment and provide any feedback at any time, from anywhere.

We provide each of our clients with a private online project workspace where we centralize any and all project communication. This is a customised online environment where we share all needed information, updates, ideas, selections, reports, etc., Basically, anything and everything that we need to share and interact with our clients is all online, conveniently accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica - Client Communication Hub

Communication’s importance is scaled tenfold in any design and construction project.  Projects involve a team of people to make them happen, and it is essential for everybody to stay current and fully aware of what is going on.  I don’t need to mention what happens as a result of poor communication: things are lost in translation, details are not executed, and things simply turn out wrong.

Costa Rica Architectural Firm keeps clients involved and informed

Our clients with busy lifestyles have given us raving feedback as it allows them to feel a part of the project at all stages, and to feel informed anytime and from anywhere.

Roderick has been a terrific partner from the initial sketch to completion.  The power of having design and execution in one hand became obvious as we walked into the completed home: form and function in perfect symbiosis taking advantage of the sun, the shade, ocean and nature only a local fully appreciates!  Roderick’s use of design and project management technology made the whole process easy and fun!  Thank you for making our dream come true!

Rudy & Mary Ann Adolf· Austria & New York, NY

Efficient and synchronous communication between an architect and client is very important, especially during the design phase of a building project. Although I am internationally based, Roderick and his team have managed to ensure effective and consistent forward workflow by utilizing organization tools that facilitate instantaneous updates and dialog on each phase as it takes shape. I am impressed with the SARCO team’s extensive knowledge and intelligent use of communication technology, which truly facilitates an effortless real-time two-way mechanism for management, feedback, and progress of my new build, even while I am traveling abroad.

M DSouza· Dubai, UAE

Effective communication, the ability to find essential information and past decisions, and access to these key elements anytime and anywhere are keys to how we provide a great experience for our clients.  Our ultimate goal as a Costa Rica Architectural Firm serving international clients is not merely to design beautiful and sustainable vacation homes, but to give our clients a great experience in the process.