At Sarco Architects we will help you with all the necessary stages of your project in Costa Rica or Panama. We work with you from the initial preliminary stages of your project, through the research and planning, architectural design, the preparation of the detailed construction drawings, selecting and hiring the engineering trades needed, and with subsequent stages such as construction management or project supervision, during the construction.

As we are directly in charge of construction of some of our projects, we have always focused on constant improvement of our skill set, continuous evolution and perfecting our technical skills in the design of our projects, so that construction runs smoothly and without issues.

As Design-Builders we always like to be a couple of steps ahead and even though we may be in an early design stage of a project, we are thinking ahead, with a constant eye on how it will be built. Our projects are not simply a set of lines on some drawing sheets, but they are real virtual models that allow to fully understand the project and identify and solve issues before we ever get to the site.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica and Sarco Architects Panama are your full-service architectural firm that will help you turn your dream project in Costa Rica or Panama into a reality, and to provide you with excellence in design and great and easy experience for you.

Service Phases:

Experts in 3D Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the next generation of design and technology for the construction industry. A huge difference from mere 3D modeling programs, BIM allows the designer to work with real-world building elements and absolutely precise site models to best visualize a design and to fully solve how a project interacts with the site, how the building systems interact with each other, how structure works with architectural elements, etc. At Sarco Architects Costa Rica, all of our projects for the last 10 years have been completely designed using BIM Technology. While other firms are only recently getting into BIM design programs, Sarco Architects Costa Rica identified the huge benefits in the technology for over a decade, and maintains itself at the leading edge of technology for the benefit of our projects and our clients.

Roderick Anderson, firm Principal at Sarco Architects Costa Rica and Sarco Architects Panama, was recently selected as part of a worldwide panel of experts in the use of the technology and will participated as lecturer in the “Masters of Archicad Summit” held in February 2015, along with distinguished industry experts from all five continents.

Live Project Visualisation

As we design in fully detailed 3D Virtual Models, our clients enjoy how they can explore interactively their home, and fully walk through the house, or fly around it to fully understand the design. This capacity, when combined with the more traditional architectural representation, allows clients to truly understand the design, and to provide valuable feedback that is real and that helps us fine-tune their design to their liking. The project undergoes less revisions, has a shorter design timespan, and the process is fun and enjoyable for the clients.

Once under construction, this technology provides huge value for the project. Construction teams, armed with latest-gen tablets have on-site access to the full set of drawings for the project, directly associated with the 3D model to allow them to explore the project and answer quickly any questions they may have. Construction becomes more efficient, and possibility for error is greatly reduced. Any changes on the design are done on the project model, which is then updated to the site as well as the client, so all parties are up to speed on the latest evolution on the design at all times.

Client Communication Management

We are an architectural firm that specializes in serving foreign clients design and build their dream homes in Costa Rica or Panama. Helping foreign clients for over 10 years has provided us with a clear understanding of how we need to position and provide our service to best serve a client that is not in the location of the project.

We provide each of our clients with a private online project workspace where we centralize any and all project communication. This is a customised online environment where we share all needed information, updates, ideas, selections, etc., Basically, anything and everything that we need to share and interact with our clients is all online, conveniently accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our clients with busy lifestyles have given us raving feedback as it allows them to feel a part of the project at all stages, and to feel informed anytime and from anywhere.

Architectural Lighting Design

Lighting is an essential part of any architecturally valuable design. We consider that lighting needs to be designed as an integral part of the architectural design of any project. Therefore, SARCO architects will design the lighting and specify the corresponding fixtures to make the desired effects and output a reality.

Unlike many competing firms, we do not simply lay off this part of the design onto the electrical engineers, but rather work with them, and provide them with a completed lighting design that is already included in the electrical design drawings. This also reduces changes during construction, avoiding the typical issue of lighting becoming a “placeholder” that was put in the drawings with no real thought or proper design.


Design-Build is a project execution process and philosophy where the designer and builder are the same company. Design-Build is the optimum workflow for a Custom Residence, as it provides invaluable continuity of information on the design and the client’s personality from the design phase and into the construction. Communication and efficiency are optimal, since the entire process is handled through one single point of contact.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica provides Design-Build services to select projects. We prefer to select which projects we can manage for construction, as we like to operate as a small company with a very personal involvement in each of our projects. We may select projects for construction based on geographic location and/or project size, to maintain the best cost/benefit balance to our clients.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica is the premiere Residential Design-Build firm in Costa Rica.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

SARCO Architects believes that a project needs to have the lowest possible environmental impact. This is broken down into two separate steps in the project lifecycle: its construction and its operation. Both areas require specific attention and analysis, but the operation of the project has a much longer duration and ongoing impact, not only on the environment but also on the owner’s pocketbook.

Energy efficiency and optimization then becomes a key factor in the design and planning of any project type, and especially when talking about vacation residences in warm climate conditions, where the energy consumed by air conditioning and other systems is substantial.

With our integrated design approach, we have the technology to perform energy analysis in our projects, from the initial architectural design stage. This allows us to fine-tune the design of our projects to provide the best possible energy efficiency. Studies have shown that the architectural design impacts around a 65-70% of the overall energy footprint of a project, whereas optimizing systems and equipment only represents the remaining 30-35%. Also, the changes that can be done through the optimization of the design are usually much more cost-effective since minor changes on design, orientation, shapes, etc., can have a huge effect if properly measured.


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