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SARCO is part of the Ultimate Search Engine for Architects

The extremely popular architecture website, Architizer, launched this year a new search engine section in their site, which helps to find different architectural firms, products, projects, construction materials and home supplies.  SARCO is part of this ultimate search engine for architects, because this system looks only for the best and most recognized firms around the globe.

This new search engine consists on different divisions of architecture-related topics and important information for the customers and also for the firms. The different aspects considered by the search tools, are the characteristics of the products, projects and architectural developments on the diverse countries and enterprises that are part of the system.

This directory of brands is the largest, most up-to-date database of building-product manufacturers online. It includes more than 25,000 companies, each with a set of tags that enable architects to search the database quickly and easily.

The new Directory is accessible by typing directly into the search bar on Architizer’s homepage, or by clicking on the “manufacturers tab”:

manufacturer search architect

SARCO Architects Costa Rica

SARCO’s international experience, awards, recognitions and excellence at our projects makes it part of relevant websites like Architizer.

As you can see, SARCO’s projects are featured on Architizer


Keywords are key to the user experience in this website, architectural keywords are really important for the development of the results. When looking for materials for a project, for brands for the houses or buildings and when looking for the best firms, Architizer helps customers and also architects to do their work appropriately.

The listed manufacturers are associated with more than 10,000 industry-specific keywords relevant to their brand. This means that anything architects search for —to windows and floors — will give the exactly the right information for their needs.

Begin typing in the search bar and a number of pre-defined options will appear in a drop-down menu, allowing you to identify the right terminology for your search.

SARCO appears in the project section and in the firm section of the search tool.

SARCO Architects Costa Rica only uses the best materials

SARCO’s projects are made with the best technology applications and the best materials. If you want to learn more about it, you can read another blog’s post. 

SARCO System®: Building a resort or home in Costa Rica

This two benefits of the search engine tool are described above by Architizer:

Project Connections

“For each manufacturer listed, the number of Project connections are clearly displayed. Each Project Connection represents a verified use of a material or product in a completed building — the more Project Connections a manufacturer has, the more you can trust them. For more on how to create project connections for existing projects, click here.

On the Projects tab of each Manufacturer Profile, you can also click through to see exactly how a brand’s products or materials were used within the context of a project. Using these case studies, you can easily understand if that product could be applicable to your design”.

In-House Expertise

“While cutting-edge technology helps to power this tool, it’s backed up with real architectural expertise. Architizer’s team of specialists is constantly researching the latest brands and building-products to ensure the directory is kept up-to-date. If you know of a great building-product manufacturer that isn’t in the Directory, we invite you to click the +Add a Manufacturer button and help the database grow!

Tools for researching and organizing building-products are crucial to every design professional, but for years, they have not been improved in the way that have helped other parts of the architectural workflow. Architizer’s mission is to provide architects with a one-stop-shop to quickly and easily find all the manufacturers and materials they need.”

SARCO Architects Costa Rica always work in the improvement and usage of technologies for all the clients.


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