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Sarco Architects Costa Rica celebrates 10 years of work in Peninsula Papagayo

Sarco Architects Costa Rica is proud to celebrate 10 years of continuous, non-stop work in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica’s premier 5-star residential resort destination.  Undoubtedly the country’s best and most respected location for luxury private residences, and the place where our creativity and personal service have allowed us to be celebrate this proud milestone for our firm.


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Variety in Services – Architectural Design and Construction

Through the years we have enjoyed the variety in activity and the work we have had the opportunity to be involved in Peninsula Papagayo.  From designing homes where Sarco Architects Costa Rica has provided the full range of service from the architectural design creation to construction, to several collaboration projects with foreign architecture firms, in every project we have always strived to perform at our best, as we challenge ourselves to improve with every project.

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Our work philosophy as an Architecture-led Design-Build firm allows us to provide our clients with a single-source solution for the architectural design and construction of their luxury homes.  This hands-on experience in managing construction also allows us to have much better real-world knowledge that we apply to each of our projects that we design, even on those where we may not take charge of the construction.

Our first clients in Peninsula Papagayo

Back in 2005 Sarco Architects Costa Rica was contracted by our very first clients in Peninsula Papagayo, the Boyer Family and the Koch Family.  Those were very different projects in nature, one a more traditional design that we created from scratch and the other a very modern design, a collaboration project in nature.  From there, we have now designed and built nine residences, and will complete two more by the end of 2015, and we are currently working on several new projects on the boards for 2016, as we continue our work in Peninsula Papagayo hopefully for many years to come.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica – collaboration work with foreign firms

The collaboration projects we have worked on have also been a wonderful experience that has allowed us to broaden our vision and work hand in hand with design firms such as Barnes Coy Architects and McLaughlin Architects and Associates.  These projects have challenged our technical ability where we have worked as a team together with the designing firms, to preserve their original architectural vision and adjusting the designs to local standards and systems while maintaining the original design intent to the maximum.  Some of these have made us come up with creative and inventive solutions to solve some difficult design challenges, all the while keeping a first priority on the design.

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At Sarco Architects Costa Rica, one thing has always remained at the core of our philosophy: provide excellence in the services we provide.  Whatever is thrown our way, we always become part of the solution, and allow our clients to feel at ease that we will take care of everything, whatever that may be.

Peninsula Papagayo – a wonderful location to create stunning designs

One of the beauties of Peninsula Papagayo for an architectural firm such as Sarco Architects Costa Rica is the incredible variety in natural beauty, amazing ocean views, and sometimes incredibly challenging topography that we find here.  All part of the conditions that allow us to create designs that part from the ordinary, while still focusing on designing a home that works for the owner.  We believe in not simply designing a beautiful home, but in designing a wonderful luxury vacation home experience for each of our clients, one where they truly can wind down and relax in the midst of the tropical nature in a wonderful luxury vacation home.

Braheem Residence interior living room

Sarco Architects Costa Rica’s Award-Winning Designs

AM_2012_5S_50CSA_Arc_HC_21Some of the most difficult properties are the ones where we had the hardest design challenges, but at the same time have resulted in some truly great projects we are very proud of.  We are extremely proud that our designs have been recipient of accolades at international design competitions, such as the International Property Awards (  The Bartlett Residence was awarded with the “5-Star, Best Architecture Single Residence Costa Rica 2012-2013” prize and the recently completed Magayon Residence was awarded the “Highly Commended, Architecture Single Residence Costa Rica 2013-2014” award, the only project recipient of an award for Costa Rica on that year.  Also, the Cielo Mar residence, one of our two collaboration projects with Barnes Coy Architects, also received the “Highly Commended, Architecture Single Residence Costa Rica 2012-2013” award.

Sarco Architects Costa Rica_Luxury Home_08You can call us techies

One essential component that makes Sarco Architects Costa Rica who we are, is the embracing of technology as part of our core, working with some of the most advanced systems to provide our clients with the best in design and visualization tools.  This has been essential with our clients in Peninsula Papagayo, and allows us to provide our designs and service while our client is always somewhere else in the world.  On one of our current designs, the client’s wife summed it up best: “We’ve built 5 homes back home, but this is the first time that I truly am able to understand the design…”

At the heart of our celebration of this 10 straight years of non-stop work in Peninsula Papagayo is the recent completion of the Magayon Residence, an extremely challenging design and construction project due to the site’s steep topography and irregular shape.  Needless to say, we are extremely proud of the result, and very grateful by our client’s positive feedback:Sarco Architects Costa Rica_Luxury Home_09

Roderick has been a terrific partner from the initial sketch to completion.  The power of having design and execution in one hand became obvious as we walked into the completed home: form and function in perfect symbiosis taking advantage of the sun, shade, ocean and nature only a local fully appreciates!  Roderick’s use of design and project management technology made the whole process easy and fun!  Thank you for making our dream come true! – Ruediger Adolf – New York NY

New upcoming work in Peninsula Papagayo for Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Another part of our celebration of 10 years of work in Peninsula Papagayo is a new project currently under process, for a repeat client.  We hope to soon be releasing some of the first images of this new project.

We wish to thank everybody in Peninsula Papagayo that have in one way or another, pushed us to always improve, never back down, to push the boundaries of design and technology, and to make Sarco Architects Costa Rica stand out by the excellence in our work.

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