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The Complete Guide to Building your Home in Costa Rica

Avoid the pitfalls of building a home away from home!

In this informative two part downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:

  • Important things to know about owning property in Costa Rica
  • How to put together a successful design brief
  • What are the steps of the design process
  • How to properly select a builder
  • and much more!

The Complete Guide to Building Your Home In Costa Rica

The product of years of experience in helping international clients create their dream home in Costa Rica

I prepared this guide after seeing so many people struggle with understanding the process for building your home in Costa Rica. Building a residence abroad can seem like a complex and frightening roadblock for those who haven’t been through it before.

You may be wondering: Will my project get approved? What preparation do I need to take in order to not end up as some of the horror stories around? How much time will the house take? What do I need to do to make sure my project gets approved in the shortest amount of time possible?

And most importantly: what are they key, critical steps I need to take to ensure that my entire project is a success?

In this 2-part guide, you will discover the answers to these questions – and more.

I hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback on the contents.

Design Tips for your Vacation Home in Tropical Climates

In this informative downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover some of the best experience-based tips for Tropical Home Design:

  • Tips for choosing the best exterior window and door system to suit your needs
  • Tips for evaluating passive cooling vs. active cooling for your home
  • Tips on materials for ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Tips on air conditioning systems and ceiling fans
  • Insulation in tropical climates

Design Tips for Building in Tropical Areas

The product of years of experience in Tropical Home Design

I prepared this guide since over the years I have noticed over and over several misconceptions about the best practices of how to design a home in tropical areas. Many people make the mistake of designing a city home and building it near the beach. Proper tropical home design can create a home that you can enjoy for years to come is an entirely different frame of mind.

Many people fail to realize that the tropical areas, even though beautiful in its natural setting, have some of the harshest weather and natural conditions for building materials. Understanding this and making the right decisions will go a long way in making sure your experience of ownership of a home in tropical areas the best possible.

In this guide, you will discover the best advice on choosing the elements for your project in a smart way to provide years of trouble-free home enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback on the contents.