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Escape to Safety: What’s Your Plan B?

Why do you need a Plan B? One of my first international clients lived just outside New York. (We’ll call him James). James was living the dream with a beautiful wife, a young child, and had retired from a job as a high-level executive at a network. Life was on track. James traveled a lot and explored exotic locations: Bali, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and in the back of his mind he wondered if each destination would be the perfect place for his future. Plan A was moving right along as he anticipated, or so he thought.

The first wakeup call

September 11, 2001 took the world by surprise. What a wakeup call for all of us, James included. He thought that with two oceans separating the continental United States from the rest of the world, he and his family would always be safe. James realized at that time, this wasn’t true and he would have to adjust his beliefs. He needed a safer location for his family outside the U.S., a place to escape. James needed a Plan B.

Plan B

The “Tribute in Light” memorial is in remembrance of the events of Sept. 11, 2001. The two towers of light are composed of two banks of high wattage spotlights that point straight up from a lot next to Ground Zero. This photo was taken from Liberty State Park, N.J., Sept. 11, the five-year anniversary of 9/11. (U.S. Air Force photo/Denise Gould)

Costa Rica is your ideal Plan B

Costa Rica is the perfect place with its beautiful scenery and abundant nature; conveniently located a short flight away from New York. In 2003, James bought a property in Costa Rica and came to me to design and build his dream home — a safe place for his family to escape. James was very pleased with the results, and he and his family have enjoyed visiting the country over the years.

When the pandemic started, James and his family already had plans to go to their vacation home for a few weeks. They packed additional items and flew to Costa Rica for an indefinite period. His daughter is in homeschooling and they now have the opportunity to connect with the majestic mountains and amazing nature. Everyone is fine and more importantly, safe.

Why you need a Plan B for your family

Dramatic world events don’t seem so far away anymore. We all need a safe haven to go to, a Plan B. Costa Rica is the perfect place to escape and our firm, SARCO Architects, knows the country extremely well. Winning design awards time and time again, we are the perfect choice to design and build your retreat to safety. SARCO Architects is a single point of contact, start to finish, solving all your needs while giving you peace of mind. We will provide serenity for you and your family.

Plan B

New Benefits to Foreign Buyers

As an added bonus and in an effort to stimulate the economy, the Costa Rica government is providing additional incentives to international buyers — making the country an excellent choice for owning property. The new regulations and its specifics will be released in the next few days, as it will be done via a new law put through our congress.  This will give strong legal safety for new foreign investors.

Costa Rica is diverse with flora and fauna; you’ll delight in your experience of the rainforest and beautiful coastline. There’s something there for everyone.

Plan B

A Plan B Success

And what about James, my client from 16 years ago? We had an emotional and heartwarming conversation just a few weeks back. He thanked me for providing him with a paradise he could live in for an extended period of time. His Plan B is a huge success; it’s a safe haven for him and his family. What more could anyone want?

To make Your Plan B a reality, contact my firm, SARCO Architects Costa Rica.  The only multiple-time international design award-winning Design-Build firm in the country. Call us at +506.2283.4107 (Costa Rica) or +1.646.712.9299 (USA) or Schedule your free Next Steps Call to find out how we can guide you through the entire process.

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