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Learning about Sustainable Architecture: Choosing a Sustainable Site

Learning about Sustainable Architecture: Choosing a Sustainable Site

Learning about Sustainable Architecture in Panama: Choosing a Sustainable Site

SARCO Architects Panama has a strong commitment to Energy Efficient Architecture and Sustainable Architecture in Panama.The first step is choosing a Sustainable Site. This is where SARCO Architects Panama can offer a huge advantage to building owners, homeowners, and developers.

Putting sustainable architecture into consideration, at the time of buying a lot, SARCO Architects Panama recommends to consider the next 4 Sustainable Sites Key Issues:

1. Transportation

It is known that vehicles emissions contribute to climate changes, smog and acid rain, at least the 32% of US greenhouse gas emissions. Also roads and parking lots affect water quality and require massive amounts of energy to construct.
SARCO Architects Panama supports the use of building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region, thereby supporting the use of indigenous resources and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.

2. Site Selection

The best Sustainable Site protects surrounding habitats. Now we know that an appropriate development away from critical natural habitats also helps in the protection of buildings from natural disasters such as landslides and floods.

At the time of buying a lot, the protected habitats that must not be selected are:

  • Prime farmland
  • Less than 5 feet above areas defined in the previous 100-years as flood plain areas
  • Within 100 feet of defined wetlands
  • Within 50 feet of a body of water
  • Public parklands

SARCO Architects Panama have a deep belief in designing  “with the flow of the land” and our projects hold the potential of both to improve and to regenerate the natural benefits.

3. Site Design and Management

When projects ignore context around them, they slowly degrade what makes a place special.
SARCO Architects Panama has a deep belief in working on projects that care for our environment. Our Environmental Responsibility goes from reducing site disturbance caused by building thanks to reducing the footprint of the building. We minimize hardscapes and water usage and do not use reflective materials.
Related to landscaping works: the maintainance of plant species that are not well adapted is costly in terms of watering, fertilizers, and pesticides.

4. Stormwater Management

SARCO Architects Panama designs sustainable projects that maintain natural stormwater flows and promote infiltration. Our Sustainable Architecture minimizes impervious areas by using alternative surfaces such as pervious pavements, open grid pavers and green roofs.

We can not forget that Green Roofs reduce quantity and increase quality of stormwater flow. That is one of the better ways to reduce the energy consumption, the heat island effect, and it provides vegetated open space that increases the lifespan of the roof.
Heat islands are typically defined as ‘urban’ regions that have temperatures 10 degrees greater than the surrounding landscape. The Heat Islands effects can be increased by Air-conditioners, street equipment and vehicle exhaustion.


SARCO Architects Panama is able to analyze and optimize a design to respond to all these elements and produce an esthetic and truly optimized energy efficient model of Sustainable Architecture in Panama.

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